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 Helping Athletes reach their Dreams 

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Let the two of us figure out the solutions for your future.

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Lass uns gemeinsam
deine Ziele definieren!

Training, Planning, Reflection

Are you ready to reach the goals you set for yourselves? Are you ready to give all it takes to make use of all the potential powers you’ve got?
Keep your eyes fixed on your goal. I’ll help you in reaching it.


Sandro Stäheli

As your coach I am able to define the regular training sessions needed to make use if all your abilities and all your potentials needed for strengthening your mental powers and strengthening your will to test them in practice.

Physical and mental training is just as important.

Sandro Stäheli


As soon as we develop control in our way of thinking we get into that line of flow enabling us to reach all of our goals, goals we did not dare to think of before.


It is that kind of flow we are talking about you find yourself in when wining a soccer game or racing in the front line of a cycling race. You are then able to reach a level of power output never reached before.

Mental power is the ability to think constructive, positive and realistic under great stress whilst staying calm through and through. (J. Loer)

Are you ready to reach your goals?

Then take the opportunity and seek the conversation with me. I look forward to a telephone exchange and a personal initial meeting.