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I bring athletes to the top.

Positive results of mental coaching qualify not only for the highest levels of sports activity but far beyond that.

Mental training focuses on different life situations, not only on top-class sports. This helps you not least for the time after your sports career.

Live your dream, be sustainably happy and top successful.

Fully exploit your potential and push your performance limits by studying and mentally training yourself and your sport.

Consistently deliver your maximum performance at the highest level.

Develop your personality, sharpen your awareness and expand your horizons.

 "I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream" 
- Van Gogh 

Your needs – my solutions

  • who also brings in experience from the business environment and develops ideas & concepts that go beyond sports?

  • who thinks differently and supports you with maximum conviction and consistency in your holistic development to take you further?

  • that helps you expand your horizons and raise your awareness?

  • who accompanies you continuously, works according to a concrete plan and is at your side at all times so that you can realize your dream of being a top athlete and achieving your maximum goals in life?

  • for whom being sustainably happy is just as central as maximum success.

  • who himself knows what maximum ambition means with all the associated difficulties and has experience himself in a wide variety of sports at the competitive level?

  • who is absolutely convinced that everything but really everything can be achieved if you only want to.

  • who is maximally empathic and looks at all relevant issues with you, not least physical and mental health?

Positive results of mental coaching qualify not only for the highest levels of sports activity but far beyond that.
Your needs – my solutions

Decide with your stomach and heart! 

What is it that makes me different and what qualifies me to be like that?

What is it that makes me different and what qualifies me to be like that?​

  • My holistic understanding - I think of everything 😉!

  • My experiences from coaching leadership as a manager of a large bank branch, from the extremely performance-oriented world of finance and from sport

  • I combine these experiences and create solutions, with a relevance for the life beside and after the sport

  • My unconditional will

  • My passion for sports and my understanding of it, as I am a competitive athlete myself

  • Maximum empathy

  • Confidentiality and Discretion

  • My awareness of Mental Strength & Mental Weakness and Mental Health.

  • I have a broad and reliable network in sports and in business


Together we are strong!

Let’s start on our way

Sessions are arranged individually and last between 90 to 120 minutes, but it is advisable to train in short intensive intervals at the beginning.


In a free initial consultation, we will find out whether a collaboration makes sense and whether it is a good fit in principle.

Then we will define what goal you want to pursue and where you are today.

Corresponding packages with a corresponding number of interactions and an all-inclusive price are available for selection.

As we move forward together, this investment will pay you back many times over.

If this is not the case, it is a cost that lets you communicate to me that it is not having the desired effect. It goes without saying that the benefit for you is primarily derived from your mental training readiness and consistency.


I work according to a program with 10 modules in which first of all the goal setting, paradigms and personality development are addressed. Afterwards, tools are discussed that help you to constantly access your full or maximum performance potential, regardless of external conditions. My holistic approach is rounded off by topics around the individual brand of the athlete, etc.

Solutions and packages

My main focus is on sports mental coaching and related individual and group coaching. Nevertheless, there are many parallels to business and corresponding interactions. Therefore, I am also happy about corresponding requests in this area for coaching or leadership seminars & business development.

I take the liberty of preparing an individual offer for all solutions after an initial discussion and a corresponding analysis. Basically, package solutions are suitable in order not to run the risk of overstretching the costs due to a high desired interaction based on individual hourly billing.

Quality assessment

We will evaluate at regular intervals how satisfied you are with the quality of the coaching. This includes the analysis of your progress and its attribution.

This helps me in my development as a coach, but you even more for raising awareness of your own development.

Let’s start on our way
Quality assessment
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