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My book: Your turbo to success


The inspiring books you should read…


Only performance counts. Only the gold medal. Only the podium. This mindset prevails in the system of top-class sports. And it's true: You can't win without hard training and the will to perform. Performing is cool. Getting the best out of yourself, getting on the podium is fun.

But in my work as a mental coach for top athletes and Olympians, I also experience the flip side of this mindset: young people who are under extreme pressure. They suffer from the fear of not being able to meet the expectations that others, and not least they themselves, have of them. They doubt themselves and their path. Who believe they have lost everything if they "only" win silver.

And who have lost sight of the most important thing: The joy of competitive sports.

The inspiring books you should read…


Under these circumstances, however, competitive sports are neither healthy for the athletes, nor for the sports system, nor for our society. Because in this way, athletes cannot be role models, cannot be an incentive for other people to give their best, to pursue their personal goals.

In my book, I show a different path to the top. A holistic one. One in which it's not just the podium that counts, but the journey itself that fulfills you and gives you meaning.


I'll show you how mental strength can not only help you develop as a personality, but also help you realize your full potential and ignite your turbo to success. And in which you take on a lighthouse function for a society in which people - whether in sports, in business or in everyday life - are champions of their lives.

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