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Self-Study Program

Unlock your full potentialA program for your way to the top

Start a 12-month self-learning program with us"Train mentally like the great athletes". Sharpen your mental strength in personal, professional and sporting areas. You will receive the same materials that the professionals use to train mentally! These are available to you digitally and set to music. This means you can listen to the content at any time, no matter where you are.


In the first part of the program we focus on your personal development. With appropriate excursions into the mental requirements as well as connections to marketing and finance, nutrition and relationships. The second part focuses on performance, recovery and well-being.

Monthly exchange, daily practice


Your trip will be accompanied by monthly group calls. You will receive input on the program and we will bring in inspiring guests. You have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange experiences with other participants. This not only gives you additional knowledge, but also the support of a community that grows together.


Be there!


Are you interested? Then register directly by email Write why you want to be there and what you hope to achieve from the program. We look forward to seeing you!

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