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Sandro Stäheli - The Enthusiast 

Coach, Leader and Sportsman 

Is there a possibility that your abilities would allow you to compete in sport on the highest level? 

This is the question that will keep my mind busy all my life.

"Work first, pleasure later." I grew up in an environment that pushed my ambition from an early age. Achievement was important. And to this day, I think achievement is cool. I admire people who bring out the best in themselves. As athletes. In business. In life.


And I love sports. I climb, I dive, I compete in ski touring competitions, I cycle and I run. But I never took the path toward a top sports career in the final analysis. Why? It took me a while to find the answer for myself.

But first I made a career at a bank. There, I learned not only everything about finance, but also about leading and coaching other people through my many years in management positions. And I learned that this is exactly what gives me joy and fulfills me. That one of my passions is to help people move forward on their journey.


But I also felt a passion for sports, for competitive sports, that would not let me go. It was on a rainy Tuesday afternoon on the way to my bank's annual meeting that I realized: My career at the bank cannot be everything. I also have to live my second passion. And it was my own coach, Nicole Brandes, who made me realize how important it is to go for your passion.

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It is satisfaction of the highest grade, pure happiness, 

Why do I do mental training? Because it is my passion!

That's why I decided to combine my passions by coaching athletes and Olympians on their way to the top as a mental coach. And as an author, I want to go beyond this circle to help people become "champions of their lives". To develop into personalities that are as capable as they are fulfilled. To people who go for what they do.

I have learned that mental strength is the key that leads us not only to athletic success, but also to a healthy and fulfilling life and togetherness in our families, our businesses, our society.


And like my coachees, the top athletes, I get the best out of myself in what I do and I want to be the best. That's why, like my coachees, I work every day to become even better. Because performance is cool.

We² Team


Sandro Stäheli

Coach, Leader and Sportsman

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Rahel Krieger

Marketing, Administration

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